Essay about Triple Bottom Line Strategy

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Our triple bottom line strategy plans to address factors concerning economic, social, and environmental

circumstances. These three key factors are essential in our efforts of striving for long-term financial performance.

We are committed to uphold transparent economic, social, and environmental policies that will

continually improve our performance. Our business model will always run through every aspect of our business and

our products lifecycle. To assure the highest possible attainable goals concerning the people, our planet, and our

profits, we will actively engage all of our stakeholders in our triple bottom line strategy. Also, we will consistently

bring outside experts to audit, validate, and improve our business practices. Such strategy will improve our external

relationships in an effort to attain an effective supply chain management.

Our environmental initiatives include attention to water use, energy use, waste, emissions and discharges,

recycling and the like. Social initiatives include attention to employees and equal employment opportunities,

work/life balance, performance based compensation, supply chain management, corporate volunteering, and

sponsorship programs. At uSport, we believe that we can improve people’s quality of life and our value through

effective, solid, and responsible business practices.

As part of our social responsibility program, we intend on becoming members of the AAFA (American

Apparel and