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Tristan Hammett
Child Development
November 19, 2014
Mrs. Vaughn
My Week with Baby Essay

Before I got baby I thought it would easy and that I could handle taking care of baby. By the end of the first day I was a little disturbed by the breathing sounds and random giggles that echoed throughout the night. By then my thoughts on baby were muddled.
The second day/night was funny to be honest. My friend Jasmine had been feeding baby while I fixed my dogs cage and also while I was doing this I had asked my little brother to hold my freshly bathed dog, I then turned back around to see my dog slipping out of my young brothers hands she ran to give the crying baby attention, but unfortunately instead of helping the upset child she broke its neck.
On the third day I had a lot of errands to run one being going to the store. Baby was off when I first got there but at 3:00 pm she turned on with a giggle. Adding to my thoughts on baby I began to find baby embarrassing at times. What made me feel this way was the way people would look at me and the questions they would ask so maybe it’s more so the rude peoples fault then baby’s. Baby started to cry while in the basket heading back to the car my best guess as to why would be because of how bumpy the pavement was.
At the end of the fourth day I was a wreck I was exhausted because I wasn’t able to get any sleep because of baby. On the afternoon of day four she was quiet until we got to game stop and then baby wouldn’t stop crying I go a lot of funny looks when I put baby on the floor so I could change its diaper. But overall Friday night (fourth night with baby) was peaceful. Day five was hectic I was sure baby had died from the amount of time my friends broke its neck. The