Triton and the Floods Essay

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Triton and the flood Skimming across the water at speeds no other mortal man could ever hope to achieve,
Odysseus’ craft felt as though it could fly. There was no doubt that he would win the Pan
Hellenic Race across the Aegean Sea, that is, until he caught the attention of Triton. Poseidon’s son was not pleased to see a man sail across his domain effortlessly at god like speeds, so he blew up a storm to slow Odysseus’ pace but Odysseus used his great skill to harness the power of the stormy winds and propelled his ship even faster. He threw his boat from wave to wave, turning on a dime like an Olympic snow boarder, until Triton himself could no long keep up. He even out ran the storm just as land approached and he bled off his speed by sliding the craft sideways into safe harbor. Amazed that Odysseus had completed the day long race in under an hour, the Greeks showered him with flowers and awarded him the golden treasure that comes to the victor of the Aegean race. Triton made it close to shore just in time to see Odysseus awarded the grand prize and though he burned with anger, there was nothing he could do because the shores of marathon were protected by Zeus. So Triton sunk back into the deep and in time, his anger subsided and he found him enjoying the beautiful blue waters along the shore near Athens.
The scenery was breath taking, especially his view of a beautiful Athenian girl who laid on the beach daily, soaking up the sun. He drew near to her, up out of the water, and on to the beach. She was startled by his unexpected arrival but he introduced himself and they began to talk. “I’m Alexandra from Athens and my father is Alexander, head of the senate” she said.
She did not realize that he was Triton, son of Poseidon but assumed he must be a local fisherman. They became friends and he came to visit her every day. Soon Triton fell in love with her because she was as kind as she was beautiful, yet he did not make his feelings known to her.
He thought he had plenty of time. He was used to things going his way. After all he was triton, a god, how could she not love him too? Alexandra saw no need to explain to Triton about a man she was falling in love with.
After all, as far as she knew, she and Triton were just friends. She started coming to the beach less and less and Triton’s fears began to grow. He hadn’t felt this helpless since Odysseus had streaked across his Aegean in record time. Finally, she came and Triton was noticeably upset.
“Where have you been? I’ve been waiting all day.” Whimpered Triton. Alexandra apologized and explained that she had been busy making plans for her wedding. Triton’s spirit dropped and he asked “who are you marring?” Alexandra replied “A great sailor. Here he comes now”. Triton lifted his eyes