Troll: United States and Sen. Ted Cruz Essay

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Source: Politico: Saif Mahmood
Date: 10/6/13 Morita-2
Obama care showdown in Texas
Who: There is a whole lot of people involved in this issue, especially senators and governors, democrats, republicans, etc. Some of those people are like politicians like Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Ted Cruz. These people have a high level of power and can influence the way people feel and think about Obama care. There are other people like also but are not mentioned in this article.

What: The event that we have here today is that Texas has a very low amount of people with health insurance and the senators are trying to raise the amount of people and also Obama care awareness. In Texas there is a 1 in 4 chance of someone having health insurance. To try to raise this, the Obama administration sent Texas nearly $11 million. That right there is more federal grant money than any other state has had. They claim that this money is used to fund “navigators” who are trained and tasked at helping people with signing - up.

When: This event is taking place currently in Texas, and is an undergoing process as of right now. (There are no specific dates on when this started in the article)

Where: This event is taking place in all parts of Texas. The only place in Texas that this article has named is Houston and Dallas.

Why: This article is newsworthy because this is a national event that is going around all of U.S. This article talks about it