Essay on Trouble and Joseph

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“Joseph” by Charles R. Swindoll is the christian biographyof a poor shepard boy who became a great king of. Joseph was a briliant and elite son among Jacob’s children. Because of Jacob’s love for Joseph, his other brothers were all jealous of him. As a result, Joseph went through difficult times from a young age. But Joseph endured with faith and God made him into a great king of Egypt. By Joseph’s hard time, this book shows Joseph’s great faith toward God and God’s love.
Joseph was one of Jacob’s son. With Jacob’s favor to Joseph, the other brothers were jealous and tried to kill Joseph. Instead of killing him, they sold Joseph to merchants traveling to Egypt. By the life of a servant in Egypt, Joseph had trouble with the house owner’s wife. Consequently, Joseph was thrown into Prison. While Joseph was in prison, the Pharaoh had two dreams that greatly troubled him . The dreams were about seven fat cows and seven full ears of corn. When the Egyptian magicians could not interpret Pharaoh’s dreams, the chief butler remembered Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams. Pharaoh called Joseph and Joseph gave wise counsel to Pharaoh. Through the dream, God was showing Pharaoh the future-there would be seven years when the crops would bring forth plenty. Then would follow seven years of famine, when the crops would not bring forth at all. By Joseph’s counsel, Pharaoh prepared during the seven years of plenty before famine came. Pharaoh decided that Joseph was the man for the job and after 13 years in Egypt, Pharaoh promoted Joseph to second in command in Egypt.
Even Joseph’s troubles were too hard to endure at young age, Joseph never gave up and leaned on God. The author said “God has no spoiled children”; this was true for Joseph, for he endured two traumatic