Essay about Troublesome Behaviors in Teenagers

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September 25, 2014

Troublesome Behaviors with Teenagers

"Look at this, I stole it from this kid who stole my IPod, (shows a rifle) I was going to sell it to get my money back. The real deal."

These are the words of fourteen year old Kyle. He's from Everett, WA and in the 8th grade. His mother, Shannon, is having a difficult time with Kyle who is having behavioral issues.
These issues are getting into trouble almost everyday with not only his mother but, the law.
Kyle has 2 assault charges and is on probation for stealing his schools laptop. He also has a bad habit of smoking pot. But what brought all of this naughty behavior to Kyle?

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When Kyle was a small child, he was an awesome child. He was never as bad as he is now. He was an innocent child who loved life. He played sports, was an adventurous little guy.
When he was Eleven years-old, his parents divorced. And since then Kyle has felt like killing himself, has used drugs poorly and is constantly in trouble. He is always breaking the law in some shape or form.
So his mother has decided that she was going to enroll Kyle into a program that helps naughty boys behave and learn how to build self esteem. She has taken Kyle to Jubilee
Leadership Academy, which is a highly structured, Christian residential program for teenage boys age 13-18, located on the Snake River in eastern Washington. This relationally oriented program is specifically designed to meet the needs of our students and their families strugg ling with difficult challenge's and life circumstances.
Three days after Kyle and his mother visited the school, Kyle found out he was accepted into the program. Which is a great start for Kyle as it will help him better himself for the better.When his mother, Shannon, brings Kyle to the academy, Kyle and his mother are separated so he can change into his new attire of a blue polo shirt, khakis and black dress shoes.
When he is met back with his mother for a final goodbye for a year, they hug and talk. when she left Kyle was then escorted to his room and read the rules of what he can and cant do. He also received a new haircut to start the bettering process.
Already within the three weeks of being at Jubilee, Kyle had already been written up, suffered consequences, do dishes in the kitchen but most of all, is having a very difficult time following the rules. At this point there is no fun at