Essay on Trousers and Executive Dining Rooms

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Dress Code
All employees are expected to use their discretion and good judgment in adhering to the following dress code guidelines:

Because business units may establish their own policies and practices regarding business wear, you are expected to be aware of and dress in accordance with the policies and practices applicable to your business unit. Please contact your Human Resources representative with any questions about appropriate attire.
Be mindful of the fact that many, but not all, business units have adopted a “business casual” policy. Business casual attire includes khaki pants or similar trousers, collared long-sleeved shirts, blouses and shoes with socks. Hosiery or tights are optional. (During the summer months, the same business casual policy is applicable. However, during this time, collared shirts with short sleeves are acceptable.)
Business casual does not include denim of any type (trousers, skirts, shirts or dresses), t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, shorts, sweatpants, spandex, miniskirts, leggings, athletic shoes/sneakers or sandals.
Although the dress policy for our Executive Dining Rooms is business casual, attire professionally appropriate for the formality of Executive
Dining Rooms is required.
All employees are required to be appropriately dressed for client meetings (i.e., dress as the client dresses), whether at the Firm or client location. Employees who may be required to attend…