Troy Aikman Essay

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Is Troy Aikman really a Good Football Player?

The first four games of 1989 had been a nightmare.Instead of setting the National Football League on fire Troy Aikman had mest up. He had gotten sacked six times and he threw only one touchdown. His finger was hurt bad so he had to sit out for nine games.his finger finally healed and he could play again. He started the game with the ball he was running towards the end zone then all of a sudden BOOM! His ear was oozing with blood his arm was SNAPPED in half. The doctor told him he had a mild concussion.It was over for him, at least for now. That same game the Cowboys thought that they had it wrapped up 20-17. With a winning touchdown the Cowboys lost! Troy Aikman did not look like a future super star when he was born
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He had a slight birth defect. Later he was diagnosed with a one third club foot.The Aikman's discussed the diagnose with the doctors at the West Covina California hospital. Eight months later a doctor put a cast on both of Troy's legs. The cast which kept his legs straight stayed on until he started to walk five months later. At that point the doctor removed the casts and fitted the toddler for orthodontic shoes. Troy wore those heavy, awkward shoes 24 hours a day until he was three years old. After several moves Troy's family settled in Los Angeles suburb of Cerritos. He really wanted to play tackle football but he had to lose 10 pounds to play and so that's what he did. When the season was over he went to a lot of football camps to help him be better at football. In college football after a while in 1989 their team name got changed to the Nights. He also had good grades witch made him a good student. Troy got a accepted to Switzers offer of a football scholarship. Troy graduated from high school with his class of 100 that spring of 1984. When Fall came he packed his bags and left for Norman. He switched schools so he had to sit out for a year.