Troy Sparks Personality

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The Perfect Friend
(Rough Draft)
Troy Sparks is a very outgoing and friendly person, the ideal person that every guy wants to call his best friend. As you can tell by his Facebook page, he has a wide variety of friends and he is also close to his family. His personality traits would make any parent proud because he is someone who everyone likes to be around. He has a desire for adventurous activities and loves to get out and get his hands dirty. By far the best quality he has is being a good friend, someone that will always be there for you no matter what.
By looking at Troy’s Facebook page you can already tell he is a bright, outgoing person. In all of his pictures he has a smile that could light up any room. He gives off a certain radiance that lets you know he is a friendly guy and it almost warms you and invites you in. The comments on his page suggest that he is a friendly and kind person and many people are probably his friend because of this trait. His outer appearance shows that he likes to take care of himself and look good from day to day. Another trait that is clearly shown is he likes to be adventurous. He has been to many places and just went to Europe this past summer. Troy is one person who likes to get out there and do things.
Troy has many interests and hobbies that show he is an adventurous outdoorsman. Probably by far the most interesting hobby Troy has is his love for dirt bikes. As you can see by a lot of his pictures and wall posts, he enjoys riding his bike more than anything else. He has a sense of freedom and sovereignty whenever he gets on that bike. It is if the world around him dissolves and all he feels is the wind blowing through his hair as he blows by trees. Recently Troy has taken a trip to Europe to visit the Czech Republic. This shows he has no boundaries and will not limit himself from traveling across the globe. Another one of his hobbies, and by the looks of it one of his favorite hobbies, is just hanging out with his friends. He takes many photos of him and his friends having a good time and has many comments from his friends saying they miss him since he has left for college. Troy really does seem like a good friend.
Being a friend and being there for someone is, in my opinion, the most important trait you can have. By just looking at Troy’s page, he