Essay on True? No, False.

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True? No, false. Have you ever been given information that you believed to be true, just to find out years later that it's false? Your mind is so set on believing that that information is true; so, when given the actual truth, you have a hard time changing your mindset. That false piece of information is still true in your mind, and the truth is far fetched and unbelievable. Up until today, I believed that you couldn’t start a sentence with “but”. Ever since I learned how to write I was told to NEVER start a sentence with “but” or “and”. My teachers told me that it was grammatically incorrect; I would be knocked down a grade if they ever caught a sentence starting with “but”. They also told me that college professors wouldn’t accept my paper, and that they would knock me down a grade as well. I spent years trying to reword sentences so that they didn’t start with “and or “but”. It was a difficult habit to form, but eventually I didn’t even consider starting a sentence with “but”. Now I learned that starting a sentence with “and” or “but” is an okay thing to do. My belief that starting a sentence with “but” is the wrong thing to do quickly became false. Can you imagine my frustration? All these years of believing that putting “but” at the beginning of a sentence was grammatically incorrect, and it turned out that I was wrong. I could have saved so much time writing papers. I could have developed better writing skills if I wasn’t so focused on pleasing high school…