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True Story
By: Mitchell Wilcox
4 consecutive state appearances, 18 first team all Ohio awards, 6 second team all Ohio awards, 9 medals over all. Ada bulldog swimming is the most successful sport in Ada school history. The only sport to make it to state within the past decade. Setting numerous records every year by a substantial amount of time. This only accomplished by countless laps and hours in the pool. The highest level of dedication and passion is required to reach such great achievement. “Hey did you hear how the swim team did at state this weekend?” “No, but I did hear the 7th grade girls basketball team won!”
Why it that the most decorated sport in a school’s history is overshadowed by a 7th grade girls’ basketball game? The following Monday after state you expect multiple congratulations and a big announcement on how successful swimming did at state. 2nd period finally comes and you hear more about how JH girls barely won over Ridgmont with a play by play description. That in such a small school almost nobody even knows we have a swim team let alone a successful one.
School pride in accomplishment and achievement should be stressed in a small school system. For example if the football team were to make it to the first round of playoffs the whole school would know, all faculty members would know, the whole school board would know, and other towns would know. But when that same school sends 5 students to the state swim meet not even the teachers of the