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In Cold Blood Crime Article

Truman Capote, back in 1959, came across a brutal murder of Herbert Clutter's wife and two of their four kids in their beautiful luxurious house in Holcomb Kansas. The strikingly revolting news of the two men that committed this crime, impacted Capote emotionally and out of the many crimes that occurred both then and now, he decided to investigate the murder himself and share his knowledge to the world in writing his book, In Cold Blood. This act was extraordinary in that he gets up close and personal with the criminals and in having read In Cold Blood already, you see how he really touches on the criminal’s emotions and in some way you start to almost feel compassion towards the two culprits. Capote clearly shows the two sides I recently found an article released in The New York Times in January of 2008 that's apart of a series called War Torn with multiple stories on soldiers that come back from combat with unstoppable PTSD that leads to a brutal murder. For this instance, Lance Cpl. Walter Rollo Smith arrived back from Iraq and was completely messed up and had intense flashbacks of all the innocent people he killed, and left. Not long after he drowned his wife of his twin boys in their bathtub. Due to his mental capacity and the lack of his support he received the courts questioned whether or not they were going to bring his case to a jury, which is astonishingly rare. Mr. Smith did not use his mentality as an excuse for his actions and took full responsibility for his actions. He continues to talk about his experiences in Iraq and how he slowly got beaten down mentally and physically. If I were to recreate this true story of a terrible act of terror like Capote, I would hope to get primary sources but…