Truman Capote's Quote Analysis

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Truman Capote's quote, "I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil" can be very controversial. Capote is saying that in social issues it is better to completely remove the main cause of the problem than to add an erasable fix. Capote prefers to destroy the "heart" of the problem rather than discussing different temporary options. In Capote's eyes, a temporary solution will only cause the problem to escalate, but eliminating the source of everyone's trouble is the best way to make a difference in society. Depending on the circumstances, I could see how adding more ideas to the table may be more beneficial; yet I could also understand Capote's opinion on how cutting down the main focus of a problem causes less fuel to the fire and an overall solution. I can agree with Capote's quote when it comes to social issues like Gay Marriage. If we just remove the laws that started this whole mess, then there would be no issue present. The Gay Marriage dispute no longer needs attention, we don't need to be adding more ideas and thoughts because they only lead to more laws separating these couples. Eliminating the laws already present will make the biggest change by no longer needing change. Society doesn't …show more content…
Social issues like Gun Control is where I begin to disagreeing with Capote's quote. Gun control laws would improve by more changes being added rather than completely eliminating the laws trying to be put in place. New ideas being brought to the table would allow for more sensible laws, which is want society wants. We should be expressing our thoughts and coming up with more solutions even if they aren't permanent. The Gun Control conversation should be open for discussion, because this is the only way to finding new outcomes for this issue. Capote believes less is more, but in this certain insistence the more we get, the closer we are to finding some sort of