Truman Did Not Believe That You Consider False

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a) Name the source you have chosen b) Identify when the source was written – then note whether it is primary or secondary, who wrote the source (if it does not say who wrote it, you should mention that), explain why they wrote the source (ie – as a personal diary or a diary that would record their actions for posterity ).
The context includes the time, place, and circumstances in which a source document was created.
Aiming for a higher level response you should include a more detailed explanation as to the circumstances in which the author wrote / produced the source, for example;
c) Explain why the bomb was dropped according to that source.
d) Use quotes from the source to support your answer in question c – ie Truman did not believe that Japan would surrender with a warning, “… we will issue a warning statement [known as the Potsdam Proclamation] asking the Japs to surrender and save lives. I’m sure they will not do that.” You must use inverted commas to show you are using a quote from the source.


Choose one source from B – L that you do not agree with the reason the author gives for the bomb being dropped. Explain why you think this source is wrong (Why you challenge it). Evaluate why the source is stating something you consider false. Explain why you think the source is unreliable. Look at the bias of the author (what were their values, motives for writing it) and when it was written. Is it relevant?

QUESTION 3 Explain the short term effect of the bombings on the people and property of the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – use at least one quote from one of the sources to support your point. DON’T FORGET to select some relevant pictures from the internet to support your points.

QUESTION 4 Explain the long term effect of the dropping of the atomic bomb. Refer to at least