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Kate Emett Truman Show Essay
Question: Describe at least one idea that is relevant to people in today’s society. Peter Weir’s 1998 film,
The Truman Show
, is framed around the fictional television show ‘The Truman Show’. Truman Burbank is the main character of the show, and has spent his whole life inside of it. Truman’s entire life has been filmed through thousands of cameras controlled by the show’s producer, Christof, though Truman himself is unaware of this fact. An idea that is relevant to people in today’s society in
The Truman
is the idea that the media has a major influence on society. This idea is shown through cinematography such as symbolism, dialogue, and camera work. Symbolism is used effectively by Weir to portray the relevant idea of the influence of media on society. This idea is shown by how media has such an influence on people’s lives that it often replaces religion. This is applicable in today’s society as nowadays, often people are turning to reality television to provide the comfort and possibly motivation that religion previously provided. During the escape scene, Weir uses symbolism on numerous occasions to show this parallel between reality televion and religion. Truman sails away from Seahaven, and this symbolizes sailing away from what was supposed to be a life created to be as perfect as heaven. Nearing the end of
Truman’s escape, his boat hits the dome and he dismounts, to walk towards the stairs.
As this occurs the shot changes to a long shot, and the viewer can see what appears to be Truman walking on water. This links Truman to Jesus, as Jesus also famously is said to have walked on water. The link is furthered by Truman “giving hope and inspiration to millions”, as Jesus also did. Finally, at the top of the stairs, Truman is shown in a mid shot,…