Truman Show Essay

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In the film, “The Truman Show”, directed by Peter Weir, The protagonist, Truman Burbank, is controlled and manipulated in a dome called Seahaven. With Christof making sure that Truman doesn’t leave, he toys with his feelings to emotionally trap him inside the dome. Christof puts Truman into a state of mind that forces him to stay on the island. Truman is forced to stay in Seahaven physically due to Christof controlling his life. Truman Burbank has no free will as a result of Christof controlling and manipulating his life.

Christof toys with Truman’s emotions to trap him in Seahaven.

Throughout the film, Christof mentally manipulates Truman in order to keep him in Seahaven. Christof scripts Truman’s fathers drowning when Truman pleads to stay out on the water “just a little longer” in order to crush Truman’s desires “to become an explorer” and leave Seahaven. It can be seen that Christof reinforces the fear of water within Truman when he purchase a ferry ticket and he is given a one way ticket “rather than a return” in order for Truman’s safety. By everyone saying that Seahavens the “most beautiful place in the world", creates the question for Truman, why would he want to leave.

Christof physically manipulates Truman into staying put in Sea haven by blocking off roads and forcing people in his way. With Christof seeing Truman’s every move, It makes it almost impossible for him to escape seahaven. Truman tries several times to escape Sea haven in the hope to find…