Essay on Trung Nguyen Approach Strategies

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With a vision in potential emerging Vietnamese market, where GDP per capita
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In the early 2009, the first coffee shop of Trung Nguyen was launched at Sangi International Airport in Singapore. The second coffee shop still was opened at famous Shopping Liang Court Center in this country in 19/11/2009. In 2010 and 2011, Trung Nguyen launched the two coffee shops at Mariana Bay- the one is at riverside and another is at finance and stock center. It is the second invested chain of coffee shop that follows the first one in Tokyo in 2000, then in China, Thailand, Malaysia, American, Canada, Russia, etc. with more than 500 contracts in distributing and franchising. In the end of 2012, Trung Nguyen plans to invest 80 million USD for new coffee planting model in Eatul and a factory which can process 300 tons instants coffee per day in Buon Ma Thuot city.
In a festival coffee to introduce G7 to customer, Trung Nguyen set a strategy in comparing G7 and Nescafe. They’re prepared available free of charge to those who festival participants. Results: 89% of festival participants said that G7 is better than Nescafe. After this plan, Trung Nguyen's G7 intended to advertise their products through traditional channels, community activities of. With Slogan: “Vietnamese give priority to use Vietnam goods”, it is clearly that Trung Nguyen Coffee has more and more opportunities to penetrate, develop and expand the domestic market, foreign market,