Trung Nguyen's Case Study in Vietnam Essay

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Trung Nguyen is a famous Vietnamese brand of coffee established in 1996. The Corporation contains of many companies like Trung Nguyen Joint Stock Company, Trung Nguyen instant coffee Joint Stock Company, Trung Nguyen coffee Limited Company, Vietnam Global Gateway Joint Venture and so on. Their major industries are manufacturing, processing and trading of tea, coffee; franchising and distribution services, modern retail like G7 mart.
Trung Nguyen is the first Vietnamese company who succeeded in applying a form of franchising in domestic and overseas markets and also the biggest exporter in Vietnam of processed coffee. Trung Nguyen now is having a network of nearly 1,000 coffee shops across the country and franchised shops in
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If Trung Nguyen cannot meet those requirements, the bank can refuse credit like any creditor.
Suppliers are the one who provide the raw material for the production of the company. In the scenario of Trung Nguyen, their suppliers are the one who plant coffee in some industrial-tree planning zone like Lam Dong province. They have a very vital influence for the company since the quality and quantity of Trung Nguyen product are result in the quality and quantity of the materials provided by suppliers.
The customers are the final external stakeholders who have influence in the company as well. Customers are the one who consume products and services of Trung Nguyen Corporation so their satisfaction is the most concerned aspect for the consumer orientated organization like Trung Nguyen. Every regulations, strategies and objectives of the company have to base on the customers’ needs and wants.

c. The external stakeholders:

In term of external stakeholders, there are government, local authorities and pressure groups having influence to Trung Nguyen. As a leading brand of coffee industry in Vietnam, Trung Nguyen has to follow the government’s policies which include of taxes, regulation; legal action and employment rights. Local authorities are also interested in the company since the company can provide employment for the local. However the businesses also have affection in the local environment. Meanwhile, pressure groups and community can exert