Trust Research Paper

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Moving from larges towns such as Hamilton and from large cities such as Melbourne, to a small town with only 1,000 people, I found it quite hard to adapt. This makes it extremely hard to find someone I can trust. With small towns usually comes with small minded people with big mouths.
As being 16 already comes with its own challenges, put moving around and a lot of pain caused on top of that and you’ve summed up my life. A massive challenge that’s brought a lot of pain for me would definitely be trust.
Trust is a major part of my life, I believe in it with all my heart.
Many people ask why I find it so hard to trust. I give the same simple answer every time. Why is it so hard to keep a promise?
The amount of people that have let me down and the amount of times I haven’t been able to cope getting up is probably equal to the amount of times I’ve moved houses or changed schools, endless.
There’s only ever one positive outcome to being let down, and that’s that now I am able and capable of standing up for myself and I’ve built strength and tolerance to these occurrences.
It’s like playing a game of Chinese whispers; you tell someone something, they swear to keep it quiet, they spread it around and everyone adds on their own little part of this secret. Eventually all you’re left with is one massive lie that you once told to someone is privacy and then the whole town knows in a flash. You end up with a pretty bad reputation.
Trust is based on truth; therefore I