Truth: Ralph Waldo Emerson and Truth Essay

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Truth Forevermore
The truth is a factual statement than can be proven. It is used in the justice system to prove innocence or guilt. The truth may not always be communicated, but it is valued much more than lies. It is believed the truth will set one free, and that lies will trap them. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “The highest compact we can make with our fellow is—‘Let there be truth between us forevermore,” and it has more meaning than just the words.
The quote by Emerson is very profound and meaningful. It is a something a person needs to step back and think about for a second. The meaning in the quote is that the best agreement that one can make with others is always telling them the truth. It is saying that telling the truth is better, because it is the highest honor one can give a person. Also, the quote shows that the truth should always be said no matter the reason for dishonesty.
It is not always the best choice to constantly tell the truth though, because the truth can hurt. It is easier to lie in certain situations, if it gets one in trouble telling the truth. If a person were asked by a friend if their new hair cut looks good on them, a person might not always say the truth. Another situation is if a person wants to hide an embarrassing truth one might lie to keep it a secret. Also, if a person was arrested for a crime, that person might want to lie to get out of going to jail. So telling the truth is not always a good idea it depends on the situation.
People often lie more than they tell the