Essay on Truth: Truth and Absolute Truth

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There is Such a Thing as Truth In the story There is such thing is truth Errol Morris explains why he believes in absolute truth. He tells of a time when he makes a bet with a neighborhood kid about which city is further West, Los Angeles, CA or Reno, NV. The neighbor believed that Los Angeles was further West than Reno because it is on the Coast. When actually the correct answer is Reno the boy still didn’t believe him even after Errol presented proof. He showed him on a map and explained if you trace down 120 degrees West line of longitude from Reno to Los Angeles you will end up in the ocean . Still he refused to believe that Reno is further to the West. Errol did not even get the two dollars that he bet because the guy was bigger then him and refused to believe. He goes on to talk about his conclusions. People will reject the truth no matter what. When people are set in their ways they don’t want to let go of certain things or be proven wrong. But no matter what there is always a truth and people should pursue truth. He talks about his experience with a man on death row. He made a move the thin blue line that helped free the man from the electric chair. He was motivated by wanting to find the truths of the questions like if he did it or not or if he didn’t do it then who did. He believes that you can find out the truth if you “ proceed as though there are answers to questions ..” nothing else is acceptable. Which in this case if he saved the man he did find out the truth. He never figured out if the guy just did not understand what he was trying to say about Reno and Los Angeles. Maybe he just did not want to admit he was wrong because he did not want to pay up. So I think in a lot of cases there is an absolute truth. Like in the argument of how many states there are. I’ve gotten in to argument on more then one occasions with people for some reason because a lot of people think there are 52 states. I have known for a fact that there are 50 state for as long as I can remember. I have managed to convince people of this once they