Truth and Bright Water Essay

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The Affects of History
History is something that molds and shapes a person into who they are today. Thomas King shows this in his novel Truth and Bright Water through many of the characters. He not only lets you see how the aboriginal people’s history has affected their lives today, but also how the personal history of some characters has affected their lives. A person’s past can help one understand why they live their life the way they do; it is the answer to any question you had about them. All the minor events that go on throughout the novel explain how history affects an individual’s identity and Franklin, aunt Cassie and Monroe are excellent examples. First, when told about Franklin in the novel it is easy to not think much of
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This gives the reader a reason for why she travels all over, and makes spontaneous decisions because aunt Cassie never wants to miss out again. This is why at the giveaway she burnt the baby clothes; it was her way of trying to move on. Her personal history made her the exciting secretive person she in now. Even though it is obvious she still suffers from her past and has regrets, she still tries to move forward with the future. Finally, Monroe is the character that is the one trying to get everyone to move forward with the future, but without forgetting their history. There were good and bad moments to the aboriginal’s history. Monroe shows both by trying to restore the good memories and erase the bad. For example, when Monroe was painting the church trying to make it blend in to the beautiful scenery, he was trying to erase the painful memories that the church brought back to the aboriginals. It reminded them of the time in history where they had residential schooling. Assimilation is the best way to explain what happened to the aboriginal children in those schools. Converting their religion to Christianity was a part of that and the church was something that represented those horrible memories. A conversation had between Tecumseh and Monroe really gives meaning to the horrible damage that period of time in history had on the aboriginal people. ““There’s an old residential school for sale over near Medicine River.” “You going to paint it?” “That’s about