Truthful Tremendous And Tough Sally Essay

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On the 4th of April 2013, Sally Jones was accused of being an irresponsible adult through the rough, devastating and dangerous times witnessed by her and her class.

Sally Jones was placed in an isolated school in the outback to pursue her love for teaching. It was a one-teacher school with a class of only 13 students ranging from ages 5 to 15.

After discussing this interesting feud with Sally, I believe that Miss Sally Jones was innocent throughout and the accusations were false. Being the only adult amongst this group of people, Sally had to make life changing decisions for all 14 of them at the spur of the moment, Whether it may have been either to stay hostile in a cave or even build a fortress Sally Jones stood up to this predicament and therefore, it sis proven that she made the right decisions and was innocent as a saint.

Alleged Suspect Sally Jones stated, " I am a young woman. I want to survive. I don't want my life to be ruined. I will do whatever it takes to help both myself and everyone else that's facing the situation I am in." The innocent and intelligent lady was not only falsely accused, but was put to shame by the authorities, for no apparent reason.

To support my decision I would further like to add that, the choice of building a fortress was a smart, sustainable and stable idea. If Sally didn't decide to do this, no one would be alive but dead. . What more could have she done? If we were placed in the exact same situation as Sally, we would have definitely failed miserably and not succeeded. Sally Jones was bold, brave and courageous.
Even though there were tough obstacles Sally faced, she was mature and got past this. She used this as a changing point and went beyond that. She believes that everything happens for a reason and that things will change for the better in her life.