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Try it Out
Please read "A Welfare-to-Work Study Finds No Harm to Children" and describe the research methods and design used in the study. What conclusions can be drawn from the study? Can you speculate on what might be other variables influencing the findings (consider reflecting on the Ecological Model and the broader social context for your response). How do these findings support or refute what you read in "A Potent Spell': Sharing the Burdens of Motherhood ?
I found after reading “A Welfare-to-Work Study Finds No Harm in Children”, they used structured interviews, and case studies for research methods. Structured interviews where set up for the spouses, mothers, and children. The interviews more than likely consisted of the questions from the following areas:( in regards to the mother moving from welfare to work), work, family life, family obligations, family finances, families psychological well being. They also probably had interviews with school educators and welfare services. Researchers may have asked questions such as what positive and negative affects have they notice with the children? Getting answers to questions from all areas and all the different people involved on a daily basis, allows researchers to explore ways in which the mother going back to work has affected the child in a negative or positive way. Structured interviews are self-report instruments in which each participant is asked the same questions in the same way. Strengths of structured interviews are that they permit comparison of the participant’s responses and efficient data collection. Researchers can specify answer alternatives that participants might not think of in an open-ended interview. By using the case study as