Tsa Gone Too Far

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TSA Gone Too Far
Terrorist attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center was a devastating attack against America, and was the begging of more terrorist attacks! Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been coming up with new ideas to prevent more attacks--taking off shoes, “banishing liquids over 100 ml (with the exception of baby formula)” (Drunckman), and now groping pat downs, and even humiliating dangerous virtual strips search.
Advance pat downs or virtual strip searches are methods that are humiliating and dangerous. The 4th amendment states “unreasonable search and seizures shall not be violated”. The new full body scanners used by the TSA are emitting radiation and the government is not telling how much radiation is affecting us. Radiation can lead to dangerous health issues like cancer and destroying the reproductive system. We the people are being misled because the company will not tell us if this is true or not. We are entitled to know how much we are being affected by TSA x-ray scanners. The images taken by the full body scanners do not need to go through your skin, “they use less powerful radiation than the X-ray machines in the hospital” (Moseman). It may sound good but it is not. Andrew Moseman says, “It means the skin absorbs a bigger blast than it would in the hospital, and the professors say we don’t know the effects of that skin exposure well enough to say that it’s safe” (Moseman). TSA is violating people’s rights by giving groping pat downs and dangerous x-ray strip search just to travel safer.
A full body pat down also opposed has a health threat. Many TSA workers do not change their gloves between pat downs, which means that they could be spreading germs and diseases like lice and scabies. A lot of men and women have been emotionally scarred from these pat downs. Children should not be exposed to radiation, be forced to have a pat downs or watch their parents get groped by…