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Was the Russian Revolution the Tsar’s fault?
In this essay, I will decide whether the Russian Revolution was entirely the Tsars fault, I will give reasons from both sides, with supporting evidence, write a conclusion and decide whether the Russian Revolution was the Tsars fault. The Tsar was a wealthy man, who ruled Russia between 1884 and 1917, He was not a good ruler.He lost an easy battle against Japan, he was also behind on what was happening.He didn’t bring the army back and was unprepared when the First world war started. After a small rebellion in 1905 Tsar Nicholas II created a kind of parliament called the Duma.
But the tsar himself was not willing to give up his power and he dissolved the Duma after a few months. Although, the Tsar did some good things for Russia, his reign was known as the Silver age because of cultural prosperity. He began industrialization Russia. Under his reign the
Trans­Siberian railway was completed which was very important for Russia. They needed it to transport troops,supplies,resources , etc. The Tsar was untruthful, and at one point in his reign left his wife, alone in the palace, with an untrustworthy man called Rasputin, who was a peasant and a womanizer!
It is said that the Tsarina had an affair while the Tsar was away. As Rasputin couldn't leave the Tsar's son alone, Rasputin was practically running the country alongside the Tsar, this meant that the monarchs were being ignored. On the other hand, The…