Tshirt Printing Feasibility Essay examples

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Nowadays, almost all people suffer from the high cost and continuous increasing of prices of all the commodities especially in our country, even the garments and accessories that we have in the market. That is why people, especially those who belong in the class C, seek for alternatives that are more affordable. “Tiangge” is one of the places where people can find the most affordable outfit that they can buy. But facing the reality, high percentage of the garments sold in places like this does not have the high quality standard that buyers are looking for. Printed T-shirts, which is the main topic of this study, also stumbles up on its increasing price, which is why we have come up with a product that can replace with other
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The firm sells its product either at the average industry price or below average industry price to gain market share and be affordable to lower class. On the event of intense competition, our company can produce more inexpensive and excellent quality printed shirts that will remain profitable for a longer period of time.

Marketing Aspect
• To ensure that the product will be promoted in a very good way in which it can penetrate into the market
• To attract more customers within 6 months of operation
• To guarantee that the chosen promotional campaigns will not only benefit the company but also the customers that will purchase the product
Management Aspect
• To impose a high quality standard of t-shirts
• To attain the company’s aim and purpose
• To focused on the employees, their jobs, benefits and salaries, and to their tasks that will be done before starting the business

Technical Aspect
• To get rid of qualms during the operation and in the future
• To scheme the overall process in the production
• To assure the safety and the benefits of the customers

Socio- Economic Aspect
• To discuss the benefits of all the stakeholders involved in the operation of the business
• To be have an environmental friendly procedure

Financial Aspect
• To have enough information about the financial account of the business
• To be able to figure out on how the business deals with the trend of demand and supply within the circulation