Tsunamis: Ocean and Tsunami Wave Essay

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Alisson Hernandez January 20,2015
It’s been hard to find out the causes and effects for destructive natural disaster like the tsunamis. It has taken us scientists years to discover the cause of a tsunami. We have discovered how tsunamis are formed. Were they come from and why do they happen. Tsunamis are caused by sudden displacements of the seafloor, usually when a fault on the ocean floor ruptures to produce a large earthquake. This makes the water increase and that’s how then a tsunami comes in. (www.amnh.org) Natural disasters always have their causes and effects. Tsunamis could travel 500 miles per hour. Because of its high speed, the front of the wave reaches shallow water long before the rest of it does. A tsunami wave that begins in the vast ocean has a very small wave height. For this reason, tsunamis in open ocean waters may gonot be noticed. A fisherman out on the ocean may only experience a small feeling of the tsunami when the waves pass below. Even though tsunamis are not big in while they in the sea, they can be very wide, spanning more than 1,000 football fields across. They also travel very quickly in deep ocean waters, reaching speeds as fast as a jet plane. As the tsunami approaches the coastline, it slows in speed but builds in height. When the tsunami comes ashore, it brings with it a lot of energy and waves that can reach heights of over 100 feet. (educational-portal.com) So you can image that when a huge wall of water comes to earth, there are some devastating effects of a tsunami. A devastating effect of a tsunami coming to land is a lot of deaths, which can grow into hundreds of This is a continental erosion thousands of deaths. As the massive wall of water crashes onshore, it can cause severe