Tthrough the Eyes of the Indigenous: How the Catholics of Guadalupe Perceive Human Rights Essay

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Tatianna Ushavic
15 October 2012
ANTH 3131
Dr. Galleghar
Through the Eyes of the Indigenous:
How the Catholics of Guadalupe Perceive Human Rights The idea of human rights is perceived differently around the world. Based upon ones culture, the idea of human rights varies from place to place. The majority of Americans have a place to live and daily food to eat. We have the right to religion and freedom of speech. The Human Rights violations we face are not the same as other communities that do not have access to the most basic needs like housing and food. These cultures fight for the right to survive while we fight for freedom of speech. Our perspectives on human rights can be very different. For the Catholics in Guadalupe, they are fighting for the right to live a dignified life (Kovic 18). They have banded together to fight for their rights and to regain the lands they were unjustly expelled from. The base for Human Rights the Catholics of Guadalupe use is the model set forth by the United Nations in 1948. Forty eight countries came together and set forth 30 different Articles that outline human beings basic and fundamental rights. These rights apply to every living person. They include: All human beings are born free and equal, to be free from unjust detention or exile and the right to remain innocent until proven guilty, the right to come and go freely from ones country, the right to privacy at home and within family and home and the right to flee from persecution. The articles also include basic human rights for survival including: the right to not only work but to work in suitable conditions and the right to live in conditions sufficient for a healthy existence. They also include the right to education and community and government involvement (Nations).
The Catholic families in Guadalupe request to be treated accordingly with the Human Rights model set forth