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Computer Engineering

Vu Duong
Mrs. Chin, Period two
Mr. Kenny Nguyen

Rainier Beach High School

Computer Engineering
Thesis Statement: With computer prices getting cheaper by the time, it may seem a false economy, but if you look deeper, you will see the true benefits.
Intro: How to build a PC
I: Basics
1. What are the benefits of building your own computer?
2. What are the Parts of a Computer?
3. What Type of System am I Building?
4. Buying Parts
II: Type of builds
1. The Basic System
2. The Budget Gaming System
3. The High Performance Gaming System
III: Choosing components
1. Selecting a Processor (CPU), Motherboard, Memory (RAM), Hard Drive (HDD), Optical Drive [CD/DVD/BD], Case, Video Card, Wireless Card, Power Supply, Operating System, Monitor, mouse and keyboard.
IV: Ordering
1. Before You Place Your Order
V: Assembly
1. Installing the Motherboard and Power Supply‏
2. Installing the Optical Drive and HDD
3. Installing the Processor and RAM‏
4. Installing the Video Card, Wireless Card, or Any Other Card
5. Hooking Everything Up
VI: Software
1. Installing Windows 7
2. Installing Drivers
VII: Conclusion,2601-5.html

sfgfdgefhfffffffffffffffffffffffff'm not a nutritionist, nor am I a health expert and I'm definitely not perfect. I'm just a mom trying to do right by my children's dietary needs–95 percent of the time. The other 5 percent is dedicated to the times that I give up, buy the , let them have soda or pull into the drive-thru window at .

McDonald's: Those golden arches promise children everywhere a truly "Happy Meal," complete with toys and a smile. It also holds a promise of a peaceful, fast, and dish-free meal for us parents.

It also, for as long as I can remember, has been under attack by nutrionists, parents, doctors and anyone else who wants in on the obesity blame game.

The latest happened last week when 550 doctors put a full page ad in newspapers across the countryurging people to sign their petition to get rid of the clown, the toys and the relentless marketing schemes that they think are to blame for the growing obesity rates in children.

After reading this ad on the Internet, I had to sit down and think about our family consumption of McDonald's and what my own personal feelings were towards this petition.

My gut reaction was to sign the petition. First, I don't like the clown. It's nothing personal, I just dislike clowns in general and think they are horrible mascots. Second, I'm big on passing the blame onto others–who isn't? Third, the advertising to children is unyielding. Everytime I turn around, Teddy is pausing a commercial to show me the latest toy available with a meal.

Truth: I take my boys to McDonald's about once a month, or once every toy cycle. It's usually when Teddy comes begging after seeing a commercial for the latest toy giveawaty or I feel guilty about something I did to ruin their lives, yet again. It also helps if I'm not in a mood to cook (which I never am).

I load the kids in the car, drive five minutes up West Chester Pike, pull into the drive-thru and within minutes we are back home, sitting at the table, smiles on their faces with their happy meals in