Tuberculosis Informative Speech

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What’s wrong with you?
You’ve had this cough for weeks now. It just doesn’t go away. Your lungs feel like they’re about to collapse every single time you a cough. Maybe it’s time to go to the doctor. A few weeks later you’ve been diagnosed with drug-resistant tuberculosis. The treatment will last for around 6 to 24 months but you just don’t have enough money to pay for treatment, so you just go on with your everyday life.

Situations like this occur in places like Myanmar as sufficient social welfare is not provided, which is explained in The Science Show, hosted by ABC’s Robyn Williams. During the interview, which aired in February 2017, guest Greg Cook a Professor of Microbiology at the University of Otago in New Zealand explains the huge scale of drug resistant Tuberculosis and the
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A key part of any career is to stay updated with new trials and treatment programs for diseases such as Tuberculosis to help those who come to Pharmacists for advice. My heritage is that of a country in which drug resistant tuberculosis cases are increasing every year. When we state our pledge of allegiance every day we say “All Indian’s are my brothers and sisters”. As a staunch supporter of my country, I believe that treatable diseases such as Tuberculosis should have different treatment options such as that described in the Science Show.

Shorter treatment means that less money is required and enables people to get on with their lives. My Grandparents lived through a time where treatment of tuberculosis wasn’t very effective. However, with the advance in technology, we shouldn’t be satisfied with 6-24 months. In our fast-paced world treatments from 6 months to 6 weeks create an opportunity for people to put the disease behind them and get on with their