Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Essay examples

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Coral Diaz
September 9, 2012
Individual Report I have found that this disease, Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) to be a very important diagnosis to be implemented in our society as serious concerns; as a community we should collaborate in increasing research until we find a cure. There are numerous of people who have been diagnosed with this disease, it is not very popular because the percentage of individuals with TSC does not make a very big percentage in the world as a whole. Many organizations have wanted to cut research expense on this disease because it has not found a cure yet and have chosen to support other illnesses that might be of more affect in society’s eyes. Why is it important to continue research? Well, people who are currently affected by this disease have failures in many parts of their organs such as the brain, eyes, kidney, skin and lungs. The number of victims of TSC can increase if there isn’t a stop and if us as a community do not support them, who will? Organizations have wanted to cut this research and if there aren’t sponsors then it makes it difficult to continue with accurate research and cures. The more support the better and quicker we will defeat this illness. I’ve learned that TSC is not cancerous but can significantly affect a person’s health in numerous areas of their bodies and functioning. This disease can start in one organ and end up in other organs as well, tumors grow and once they expand they start blocking the functioning that the organ is supposed to do. One of the most disastrous organs to be affected is the brain, which is the whole operative system of a person’s body; once the tumor grows in the brain it blocks the spinal fluids of the brain’s ventricles causing behavior variations, unsettled stomach symptoms and many other malfunctioning. People are born with this disease, especially affecting the heart at birth time because it blocks the flow of the heart causing arrhythmia problems. At this moment there are less than 2 percent of TSC individuals who develop malignant cancerous tumors. Because, of many new technological advancements doctors are able to remove tumors right before they become hazardous to the person’s health. Luckily, the life…