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By Katren Theyers

 1536 – 1569
 4 significant rebellions


the pilgrimage of grace the western rebellion wyatt’s rebellion the northern rebellion

 Peasant-led rebellions occurred in the previous century

- they were all brutally put down

 Dissolution of the Catholic monasteries produced a degree of social


OF GRACE, 1536

 Sparked by a catholic protest against the seizure of church property
 Occurred in the town of Louth by agents of the hated bishop of Lincoln
 The commoners were led by Nicholas Merton, a show maker

- he adopted the nom de guerre, Captain Cobbler

 To express anger they made a banner

- The five wounds of Christ
- A Chalice
- A Plough

 Mix of Christian and peasant elements

- Peasants used Christian metaphors to promote their case for fundamental change in English society

 Robert Aske, a lawyer, termed the rebellion as

a ‘pilgrimage’

 The duke of Norfolk was authorised by Henry VIII to


 The king reneged on his promises of a pardon
 216 leaders, including gentry and religious men, were


 Aske’s chained body was hung from the walls of York

Castle as a warning

 this rebellion set the pattern that became common

across the Tudor rebellions.
- The ‘commoners’ arranged themselves via muster in conventional military units
- A charismatic leader would issue a call to arms and leads the peasants
- They go the manor of a member of the gentry and gain his reluctant support


 Precipitated by:

- A poll tax on Sheep
- Introduction of the Book of Prayer in place of the Latin books of worship

 Devon and Cornwall were still staunchly Catholic
 The rebels set out their demands in a document
- Holy laws of the past should be observed. Those who use the new service shall be treated as heretics.

- Prayers for souls in purgatory to be said.

- The Six Articles to be used again so that religion is restored to the time of 'our Soverayne Lord Kynge Henry the VIII'.

- In order to stop heretical thinking all of the Bibles in English to be called in.Cardinal Pole should be pardoned and sent for to serve in the King's council.

- We will have the mass in Latin. The priest will communicate on our behalf.We will have the sacrament hung over the high alter. Those who do not consent will be treated as heretics 'against the holy Catholyque fayth.‘

- Gentlemen should not have more than one servant. Any more servants he has should be appropriate to the amount of land that he has.

- Baptism can be administered in the week as well as on

- Reinstate two abbeys in every county. In order to do this they demanded the names of commissioners. - Images and ceremonies to be restored.

- Rewards for Arundell and Henry Braye. They ask to have arms.

- "We will not receyve the newe servycee because it is but lyke a Christmas game." Matins and masses to be said as before. Services will not be in English, since many of the
Cornish cannot understand English.

 This rebellion followed the

familiar format