Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report Essay

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With this year’s profits being very grateful towards the company it will now be a great time to add on to our employee benefits to not only motivate our employees, but to attract other potential employees. Adding tuition reimbursement in the company for receiving a bachelor’s degrees in business or in communication can have vary of benefits for the company. Since our company has already approved for a budget for this kind of expansion the financial cost will not even be a burden or a concern. If we wish to continue to be a striving company we need to recognize that our workers are a valuable resource to us because of their commitment to our organization. In order to achieve commitment in our company it will have to be a dimensional variable in the degree to the loyalty to the employee’s job and organization. In a 1993 incentive survey, 38 percent of the women respondents and 23 percent of the men look for companies that promote continuous education. (Guffey, West, & White, 1997 ) “Also, 41 percent of men and 39 percent of women surveyed prefer tuition assistance for themselves or their children as an incentive reward ("Business and Incentive Strategies", 1994)” (para. 11). With the commitment that we will be receiving by offering tuition reimbursement we will know that our employees are going to want to stick around with us, and also we will not having to worry about having to waste our valuable time looking for new recruits to replace previous employees and having to train them about our company. With having our employees using the tuition reimbursement we can be able to tell which employee has the motivation and drive to further their careers and can make a valuable asset to our company. With us offering options to our employees to gain a degree in either business or a degree in communication it is the best way to invest in our employees, and a good way to invest in our company as well. Such as with today’s technology is forever changing new ways of daily operation offering tuition reimbursement will be a great way to keep our workers knowledgeable and on top of what is new in the world of business. With having our employees attending college courses they will be able to learn any new general skills that is being taught, and can raise our employee’s knowledge and abilities. When pursuing a degree in business an employee can take a number of courses such as: accounting, economics, human resource management, leadership, and decision making. All of these courses can be put into effect and improve our employee’s and company’s everyday work procedures. When a person gets a degree in business they can get a career in anything administrative or management including but not limited to as a marketing manager, project manager, assistant manager, human resources manager, and even as an assistant administrator. When going for a degree in communication our employees will be focusing on courses based on writing, speaking, and information technology skills. With taking courses like these our employees will be able to know how to effectively pass information between other workers across the company, they will be able to help spread out the word about our company to the general public to gain more recognition, and can even pass information to the clients we already to make sure they are 100 percent satisfied. With a degree in communications our workers can pursue their career in either media and broadcasting, politics and lobbying, as a public relations specialist, or even a technical writer all of which can be used to keep our company in the competition. When our workers earn their degrees they can receive promotions based on their level of knowledge. Or if our employees decided to go with something that was outside their department, and depending on the degree they are working on they will be able to move to a different position or a different department that they are currently in but will be able to stay in the company. By allowing our