Tuition Reimbursement Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement
Joshua Newton
Tuition Reimbursement Most students have issues planning out how to pay off loans or even get money to attend college, majority of people paying for their education need to have loans to help pay for tuition to attend school. But now more than ever, companies offer tuition reimbursement for their employees. Usually companies offer this opportunity to help further the education of their employees to improve and obtain professional capabilities by studying in universities for specialized jobs or career training (California Institute of Technology, 2007). Obviously, employees who need tuition help love this opportunity and companies that offer tuition
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Employees must maintain a reasonable grade point average (B or higher) to obtain a full, or even a partial, reimbursement from their company. Depending upon the company and the educational program, certain grade point averages may only warrant a partial percentage for reimbursement, rather than the full amount.

2. Eligibility for educational reimbursement may be limited to those employees who are granted, full-time employment status. Depending upon the company, part-time employees may not be granted, approval.

3. Employees must remain in the employ of the company for a minimum calendar period upon. If the employee opts to leave the company within that calendar period, it will be their responsibility to pay those expenses back to the company. This amount could either be all or a certain percentage of the amount reimbursed over a set period.

4. Tuition reimbursement is often paid to the employee on a class-by-class basis.

5. The company may only reimburse based on a course approval process. Said approval may be dependent upon certain factors, like GPA, job or career path relevance. Some course approvals for extended degree programs, like a master’s degree will be granted, only if the course is directly related to their current field of employ.

These examples are just some of the many rules and regulations that could help clear up some of the confusion that many employers or their parent companies may