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Tundra: Come to this place for some fun, skating and a lot of cold!!!

Plants that you will see:
Arctic Moss, Arctic Willow, Bearberry, Caribou Moss, Diamond-leaf Willow, Labrador Tea, Pasque Flower, Tufted Saxifrage
The weather you will encounter:
The tundra is a plain and treeless place. It is freezing through all months of the year! Summer is a brief period of cooler climates when the sun shines almost 24 hours a day. It has been called "the land of the midnight sun". But even the sun can't warm the tundra much. The short summer lasts only 6 to 10 weeks. It never gets any warmer than 45 or 50° F. The warmer weather causes a layer of permafrost, ice that never goes away in the ground, to melt, creating frost and shallow lakes that don't drain. They breed stinging insects, which make life even in the summer miserable for the inhabitants of the tundra. The wind blows constantly, whipping around the small plants. This is the climate and weather of a Tundra biome.
Where are Tundra’s Located: The Tundra is located all over the world. Located in Alaska, Northern Canada, edges of Greenland, Northern Scandinavia, northern Siberia, and Russia. It is found in Alaska here in the United States. The Tundra is about 3 million square miles long and covers about 20% of the earth's surface. The latitudes of which the tundra is located is 55 degrees-75 degrees N. The Tundra is notable for having longest winters and the shortest summer
What you should wear:
Clothing for traveling in the tundra biome must reflect the different conditions. In summer, thick sweaters and heavy jeans would see campers through the nights, but in winter very technically advanced foul-weather gear is necessary. I recommend thermal underwear, thermal socks, 100-weight pile garments for above and below the waist and poly-pro and pile gloves. I personally say dressing in layers comprising at least polypropylene underwear that wicks moisture away from the skin, an intermediate layer of polar fleece -- it advises "thickness is warmth" -- and a wind- and waterproof outer layer. Cold-weather clothing accessories should be organized that particularly protect the head, neck and extremities with just as many layers as the clothing for the trunk and limbs!!!
When should you come? Personally, I say you should come every day of the year. Since it’s trying to keep you safe, come in the summers when the weather isn’t too cold in the Tundra but will still be cold! IF you like being cold come ANY DAY ,ANY TIME. Either way you will enjoy it!! See you soon!
What you can do!
The expansive Arctic tundra country, with its sweeping river flats, terraced benches and open foothills, demands to be explored on foot. In the parks of Alaska and northern Canada, this often manifests as cross-country travel and