Turkey Trot Descriptive Writing

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Before going to school, I always check my backpack for all my belongings just in case I forget something, but today I was a little bit less strict and just let it slide, after all, it is the day of the Turkey Trot. The Turkey Trot is a once a year event at Robert Frost Middle School where in every grade, students volunteer to run about 1.3 miles while others cheer them on. I planned not to run this year, and next year because I already had my run in 6th grade. As I was walking out the door and into the car, I thought, even though I’m not running, I still am taking part in the Turkey Trot. The classes were boring, as usual, students joking around and even teachers too, everybody was just excited for the afternoon. The clock kept ticking and it brought us to lunch where the hungry students came rushing in. They grabbed their food and started seating themselves at their usual table. I tasted the dull, boring school lunch and as the bell rang, I walked to my last 2 periods of the day. Time ran down to the last period of the day, the seconds went by really slow, but at last only 10 more minutes left. …show more content…
Past the waving trees, I could see in the far distance a few students rushing down the hill. As they got to the gate, I heard people next to me shouting, “The redcoats are coming! The redcoats are coming!” I bent down and touched the newly painted turf and we waited for the rest of the students to come in. Minutes later, the runners were warmed up and the students were talking among each other. Ms. Cameron signaled us and we raised our instruments to get ready to play. With a swift rise of the baton, we inhaled some air and played our instruments. Starting off with Louie, Louie and ending it off with The Star Spangled Banner, we bowed down as the crowd roared and applauded us. We carried our instruments back to our cases and settled into the