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International Marketing in Turkey
International Marketing 329
Dr. Hanan Arnous
Spring Semester 2015

Mohamed J Ameer

Turkey’s Geographical Location:
Turkey's location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia makes it a country of significant geostrategic market and business importance. Turkey’s market location which combines the middle east to its south-east borders crossing with Syria, Iraq & Iran can empower powerful marketing strategies and trading conditions with the middle east through those significant countries regarding of their inner political insecurity. Straddling with its long sea coasts and that meet with Greece and the focal meeting sea point between the black sea and the Mediterranean sea makes Turkey a strong business hub to practice any sort of business and marketing tasks and operations.
Turkey’s Population & Culture,
Turkey’s total population count has reached 72,907,000 Million Turkish citizen. This clearly means that Turkey withstands a fruitful government and a dominant economy that is able to serve 73 million people.
Turkey’s economy & politics,
Turkey’s economy and politics are sort of unstable due to the instability in Syria and Iraq with the ISIS invasion that it taking place in both countries which limits the international trading between Syria and Iraq. Making potential GDP growth look low and sometimes difficult. The current GDP in Turkey is 7300USD per capita which is fairly good for a country that borders with two destructed nations. The economical power of Turkey is largely developed and is developing on a fast pace. The country is among the world's leading producers of agricultural products; textiles; motor vehicles and automobiles, ships and other transportation equipment and advanced automobiles such as hybrid vehicles. In recent years, Turkey had a rapidly growing private sector industry, yet this makes it as a state play a major role in production industry, banking, business and marketing, transportation, and communications. Turkey has the world's 15th largest GDP and 17th largest Nominal GDP among the international community.
Turkey’s Legal & Technological Environment,
Turkey’s legal and technological environment attracts many marketers and managers to its market due to its advanced knowledge and literacy in developing a well-built markets, Arabian based souqs and even national bazaars. Many growing entrepreneurs seek to invest into the Turkish market due to the governmental allowance and acceptance to international investors and traders to have free access to strengthen Turkey’s presence. Turkey is far away from most EU countries and is even above average with nearly all of EU participants. Turkey has unbelievable infrastructure development, water usage filtration and recycling, uses waste management policies, strong health care programs, increasing agricultural investments, improved air pollution and noise pollution. All those are investments that the government is making in order to make turkey a healthy and legal market for everyone to visit. Kuwait companies are easily able to invest in the Turkish markets with the free allowance and high level relationship between turkey and Kuwait. Investors, banks, lenders and financial houses are welcomed in turkey due to the sustained international marketing connections and bonds that are maintained daily between turkey and Kuwait.
Marketing Strategy In The Turkish Market:
Turkey is a immense position to promote and advertise products but there are a few challenges in the Turkish market nowadays. Strong competition is the most important one, the local companies present great skills to adapt to what customers insist, their drive is to stay linked with what they need and a long practice of trade, negotiating and offering high class services only add to the list so getting into the market takes great creativity and perceptive.
Turkish Market Language:
Turkish is the major language, but there are several dialects. In