The Importance Of Turn Up In Hamlet

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When I turn up I do it for the team! Sometimes I want to do it for myself, but analytically that may not be possible. The pleasure aroused from my team is enough to make me a happy camper. Camping is pretty fun too I must say. Turning up is fun too. Anyone ever tried Bacardi black razz? That's my turn up sauce for when I turn up.
Denmark was found to be the happiest country in 2012, but The Melancholy Dane never got the memo. Don't let poor Hamlet spend another cold winter moping, cuddling mouldering skulls, and spouting soliloquies by himself. All you need to cheer him up is a printer,cardstock, some scissors and tape!"Cheer Up, Hamlet!" is a paperdoll available for free, for nerds and geeks and Shakespeare fans alike.
Several sayings come to mind as I take the edge off and self-medicate with a glass of Cabernet. One is the oft-repeated truth that “life is change”. You don’t have to live long to know the truth of that one. One day you’re a carefree college student worried only about where the weekend party will be, and the next day you’re fretting over making the mortgage payment and having that conference with your child’s teacher, because he was fighting another child on the playground. Then eventually there comes the day where those memories will be cherished, as those children go out on their own and you realize you’re not needed nearly as much by them. As you deal with the empty nest they’ve left behind, you begin to settle into the senior years. Then