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Fun for All
Scott Turner
ENG 101
Instructor Everett Reed
08 June, 2014 People have vacationed on the beautiful sandy beaches of Florida for years. Vacationers return year after year for relaxation, rejuvenation, and regeneration. At night, the sounds of the foamy ocean waves, crashing to the sandy shore, can give the impression of a thousand horses marching up from the sea. During the day, the sun and fun of the beaches and attractions mesmerize the youngest to the oldest of visitors. The ability to accommodate all types of families, couples, and partying teenagers makes Florida a wonderful vacation paradise. Families from all over the United States come to Florida to vacation every year. Florida can accommodate any family. The wealthy families that want the lavish high rise condominium, overlooking an Olympic size pool, and with an ocean view that would make Jacques Cousteau cry from its beauty. Middle class families can relax in an economical motel or hotel with one medium size pool, and a nice relaxing view of the ocean. Lower class families have a place in this vacation paradise too. Staying in the across the road from the ocean, no pool, and no view run by people that do not speak English low rent Ronda view place. The romance of Florida will satisfy any couples get- away plan. Long walks on the beach under a full moon on the sandy beaches makes any couple feel like they are on their first date. Lying on the beach sunbathing, and people watching, proves relaxing and entertaining. Visiting Florida and spending time with a soul mate, will leave a lasting impression with the couple for a lifetime. Regardless of the couple’s backgrounds, ethnicities, or length of the relationship, romance permeates the salty air of Florida. What blessings to all walks of life to have a partner, friend, lover, or spouse to experience the beauty and wonder of this magnificent getaway. Dining together at an ocean-side romantic restaurant, with the ocean mist blowing, and the cool wind in their hair with the warm smell of beach paradise in the air welcomes everyone to Florida. The fun and sun of Florida’s beaches will mystify, tantalize, and bring a couple to the very edge of lust, fulfillment, delight, and preserve the relationship. Lastly, Florida’s number one attraction is the night clubs and party spots for all teenagers and young adults. Panama City, Florida, ranks number one for night clubs in the United States. Teenagers flock here year after year for Spring Break and partying. Teenagers party till they drop or run out of money. Then they just wander the beaches looking for beer, a place to crash, and a warm bed with or without someone already in it. Paradise on earth some teens would say, freedom from rules, regulation, and parents. The little geniuses, they think no one will ever know what goes