Turning Point of Wwii Essay

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Kristie King
History 102
April 3, 2013

Turning Point of World War II

I believe the turning point of World War II to be the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy. By attacking the United States at Pearl Harbor, Japan brought the United States into the war. Before this event, President Roosevelt was having trouble convincing Congress to allow the United States to intervene in the war and a direct attack on the United States would be reason enough for them to enter. Japan ultimately attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 with the intentions of destroying the American Naval Power in the Pacific. While the United States was rebuilding from the attack, Japan figured it would give them enough time to conquer the Australian Archipelago and to extend their empire. Little did Japan know, the American carriers were out to sea and none of them were destroyed during the attack that day. Around 2,402 Americans were killed during the attack, along with over 150 aircraft's being destroyed. This sheer shock of this attack would set the stage for the United States to enter the war. I believe that Pearl Harbor played a major role in World War II by arousing the Unites States support against the Axis Powers. It allowed the United States to go from a limited support of the British to a huge support sending troops and supplies across the Atlantic. The attack also brought an industrial powerhouse into the war. The United States were able to mass produce the