Turning Points In Hatchet

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Turning points are challenging because you have to adapt to something that is new to them. This idea is explored in the stories; “Middle School Loneliness”, “Eleven” by; Sandra Cisneros and Hatchet by; Gary Paulsen. The boy , Brian, and Rachel all faced a turning points that had to change their life.
Hatchet by Gary Paulsen is an adventure about Brian being stranded in the Canadian forest because of a plane crash. For example,” The crash is over and i am alive he thought.” (Paulsen,33) Brian adapt by making a shelter with only his hatchet. This is how brians life and how he became a great person on how to live in the woods.
“Eleven” by; Sandra Cisneros is a drama about Rachel having to figure out how to speak up for herself. As stated in the text,”I would’ve know how to tell her it wasn’t mine instead of just sitting there with that look on my face and nothing came out of my mouth.” Rachel had to adapt to become the bigger person and stand up for herself . Rachel is trying to become a great person at standing up for herself.
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For example,”I worried because i would be among strangers who might not understand my background.” ( studysync,69) The bot had to adapt to his new school by making new friends and hanging with the basketball kids at lunch. The boy is found a way to solve his problem and become a great person for making friends and hanging out with the basketball kids.
Brian in Hatchet, Rachel in “Eleven” and The boy in “Middle School Loneliness” all faced turning points that changed their life. All these characters adapted to their life. They learned how to find ways to adapt to their turning points that took place in the