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Introduction The Care Management Organization of Montefiore Medical Center handles outpatient services including medical management, provider profiling, benefit administration, finance, provider relations, credentials and member services for the many entities and divisions of Montefiore. The customer service department focuses on emergency department and inpatient discharge planning, patient education and the care coordination of outpatient primary care and specialty’s services. The contact center is responsible for alleviating the call flow of the 22 medical offices directly, care coordination of primary and specialty office and billing while still meeting the patient expectation and creating a resolution to every patient’s problem among their healthcare needs. This department consists of approximately employees among and union environment. The employee selection and performance appraisal are utilized by managers to not only indicate the strongest candidates but an objective analysis to identify the strengths and improve the weaknesses
Employee Selection There are four different levels among the employees. Employees enter the contact center as a 5C grade level and as there experience grows, there is Level 1, 2 and 3. As the levels are progressed, additional responsibilities are given through special project and ways to display leadership. Level 3 works with the supervisors integrating new hires development assistance as well as implementing new initiative and assisting with delegation on a management level within the department. Level 1 and 2 are given opportunities to advance through projects and additional tasks given to the customer service department on a whole.
Hiring Process There are different types of methods that are utilized in the hiring selection. There are two ways in which reliable and valid information are obtained for the employment referrals for the liaison 5C position: transfers and outside resumes. There are information displayed for internal applicants in the talent management board as well as advertisements on employee job boards on the internet and temp agencies for outside resumes to be applicable. The following methods do increase diversity, multicultural and geographically disperses employees in the workforce. The direct method consists of applicants currently employed Montefiore as well as referrals directly received through the CMO. The interview process for the direct method involved an initial phone interview and then a face-face interview with a nondirective approach to retrieve information about the employee through broad ended questions (Bagley & Savage, p. 277). This method does present ethical issues because the internal applicants may be showed favored for positions even though the criteria is not met. The internal employee that provided the referred applicant maybe disgruntled if another applicant is chosen over their referral questioning discrimination among the employee population (Bruce, S., 2013). Outside applicants, received through online portals including Montefiore website and several employment boards as well as resumes received through human resource directly goes through a different process. It is critical to investing in the right resources in selecting the right applicants through utilizing cognitive, aptitude, and integrity tests (Fisher, D.R., & Nile, R.J., 20). This department utilizes Profiles International, a company that performs the validation of the varieties such as job matching and prescreening advancing the applicants into the next employment phase. The approved applicants attends an open house where they are interviewed by several structured interviews through phones. The interviews are done by all the supervisors and a face-face with the manager from each operation. The next steps include human resource completing the checking of references, background checks, and credit checks for each employers before the first day of