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Committee: ILO
Nation: Dominican Republic
Topic: Employment in Developing Nations
Employment has become a major issue in our modern day society. Recently, employment has become a relevant issue; especially in developing countries. A main reason that developing nations struggle with their employment rates is that the workers lack experience. A lack of experience is due to the absence of a quality education in the developing nations. Also, since most developing countries rely on agriculture there are not as many job opportunities compared to a country that focus on industry and infrastructure.
UN Involvement
The United Nations has been very involved with the issue of employment in developing nations. In 2009 the International Labor Organization adopted the Global Jobs which helped the issue of unemployment. In 2010 the ILO added to this pact which encourages outside organizations or parties to donate to assist these nations develop and have them create new jobs. At the 102 International Labor Conference the nations came to an agreement that having a more environmental economy can help implement more needed jobs. The ILO also adopted a resolution at its 97th meeting in regards to employment in developing countries.
Country Policy
The unemployment rate in the Dominican Republic is 14.7% and has decreased steadily since 2004 and continues to lessen due to the creation of jobs in our nation of the Dominican Republic. These jobs were kindly created by local companies such as Alta Gracia Apparel, Industrias Nacionales, and MATASA. Thanks to these companies the unemployment rate in the Dominican Republic has improved and we suggest other countries do the same.
Possible Solutions
We the nation of the Dominican Republic believe that if counties and corporations team up and create a deal such as the more jobs the corporations create then the less taxes they must pay. This will therefore help the country, the corporations, and the people. This plan is the Win-Win plan because everybody wins if this plan is implemented. Also, increasing infrastructure would create jobs and improve the living standards in the developing nations.
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Committee: ILO
Nation: Dominican Republic
Topic Unionization
Unionization is the organization of employees into groups such as labor unions which communicate between the workers and the company’s management. Workers in the industrial market make a larger wage those workers in the agricultural market. The average industrial worker will make 57 cents a day which totals to approximately 17 American dollars a month. The average price of a gallon of milk is three American dollars which totals to about 5-6 gallons of milk a month. The nation of the Dominican Republic is outraged with this statistic and we feel this statistic is due to the lack of labor unions and companies taking advantage of their workers. These workers do not speak out in fear of getting fired. Workers joining labor unions can provide many benefits such as raising the salary percentage a small amount, health insurance and more paid leave time. Labor unions can also