Recommendations When Upgrading The Sagamore Community College Website

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To : Mr. Ernesto Cervantes Director of Academic Computing

Date : May 30, 2012

From :

Dear Sir,

After conducting research on various web pages from general portals to government sites I have compiled a list of possible recommendations that you may want to consider when upgrading the Sagamore Community College home page. The first and one of the most important elements that I found was that to ensure students safety in regards to tampering or possible identity theft; there should be a place for students and faculty to register, and then log in. This would, if encrypted properly, not only secure the users information and actions, but would also give you a record of where the students frequent the most, and what may be of importance to them.

Other elements found were instructional streaming video clips that could educate and assist the student in navigating their way around the web page, areas to conduct searches on the web or only on the college’s web page, and a frequently asked question (FAQ) section. These could function as tools to help the user to learn more about the home page and what it has to offer and how to locate it. You may consider adding a blog area where students could interact with each other, new students considering attending, or possibly staff.

To assist the students along their educational journey you may want to consider adding a section or portal that connects the student to a research database or library; having a web based dictionary would not be a bad idea either. We also my want to think about adding a section that functions as a portal that would take the students to an interactive area to help them regarding emergencies such as upcoming maintenance, school closures, sexual harassment, discrimination violations, etc. A problem with the last element is that we would have to devise a way of keeping the students identity confidential when reporting either a sexual or discriminatory violation.

There could be a separate section that could list tabs that could link users to