Tutorial/Review: Operating Systems Concepts Aims

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Week 2 Tutorial/Review Topics

Operating Systems Concepts

Aims This week we took a look at Operating Systems, (abbrev OS) their role inside computers and what operating systems do for us as users.

After studying and reviewing this topic, you will better appreciate why it is has been said that it is OS’s that really turn computers into tools useful to ordinary people every day.

Review Questions for Discussion

In your own words, discuss, explain or describe the answers to the following review questions. Refer to the e-­‐text or any other good online resource for more information.

Students in-­‐class: note that your tutor is not there to give you a mini-­‐lecture on each sub-­‐topic although some tutors may choose to speak more on certain topics at the time. The tutor’s role is more that of a discussion/research facilitator to help you to extract the learning from the material for yourself.

History (p.96)

1. Briefly review the history section in the e-­‐text. Highlight the specific needs or problems that led to the development of various aspects of Operating Systems.

2. Distinguish between “multiprogramming” and “multitasking”.

OS Architecture (p.103)

3. Can you imagine what it would be like to operate a computer using a Shell interface instead of a GUI?

Pull up any Shell interface available in