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Discussion Questions
1. What is the concept of market similarity and how does it apply to companies that target foreign markets?
- Companies sell both products and services to meet the needs and desires of diverse consumer groups. Businesses market both products and services in strikingly similar ways. Marketers should be familiar with the distinction as well as the similarity between marketing products and services to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. Although products and services are different in distinct ways, there are a number of similarities between the two. Products are generally physical items, such as automobiles, tissue paper or personal computers. Services, on the other hand, are intangible bundles of value derived from action, such as tax preparation services, car washes or guided tours. Both products and services gain their existence from an unmet need in the marketplace, and both rely on demand from target customer groups. Both products and services attempt to provide value to individuals, families or businesses, and both rely on marketing to stimulate demand.

2. What is the digital divide and what does it mean for e-marketers?
- The term digital divide refers to a “situation in which people do not have the same degree of access to modern digital information and communication technologies” (Corporate Responsibility Report, 2009) this gap between digitalized and non-digitalized world results in inequality and restrictions for social and economical development. Developed societies has now seen the importance and need of technology in our everyday lives, and with that in mind, bridging the digital divide, so that more people have access to digitalization and benefits from the Internet and computers, have become essential.
The communication industry also plays a big role when trying to reduce the gap between people with and without access to technology around the world. Effective advertising and promotion are useful tools used by marketers when helping bridge the digital divide.

3. What responsibility do you think e-marketers should assume for helping to close the digital divide? Do you think consumers and governments should assume some responsibility, as well? Explain your answers.
- Bridging the digital divide is a government’s responsibility that needs to be addressed and overcame in order for these countries to grow and develop. The first step in order to overcome the digital divide is to provide equal access and education to