Tutoring: Problem Solving and Service Work Reflection Essay

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I had very specific goals for Nathan, the second “2” grader I tutored. I wanted to make

sure he learned something that he had previously not known. I also wanted to become more

comfortable and confident in his mathematical skills. I knew ahead of time that we would spend

the vast majority of our time together on solving problems, because that was the only he was

behind in. However, I found out that while he was excellent in his other areas of studies, his math

grade level was lower than his grade.

I very much believe that I achieved these goals. When Nathan had a math test the

following week he got the results he wanted. When Nathan worked with me by himself, he

improved greatly. He was able to solve problems easily, but had a hard time stringing them

together and understanding the whole procedures. For example when I told him to subtract with

decimals he only put one decimal before the last number. However, when I asked him lots of

questions after each problem was solved step by step I would tell give him another problem in

the same format to solve and explain what his steps where. We made an index card for each

mathematical subject saying the procedures and steps with an example.

Now, he and his mother tell me that he is able to keep up, and has done well on the last

two exams. He still needs a little bit of extra time to remember everything, but he is doing much

better. I was very