Tv And The Internet

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Nailea Rosales 5.4 Modern Science
World history 03.08.15
Medicine , TV, and the internet.

This is what modern day medicine looks like. Medicine was dicovered way back in 3000 bc so no one really knows who was the first human to use any herbs as medicine. But in 1865 when Joseph Lister brought the importance of antiseptics to the public. The many other scientist started pitching in on it. Today people dont go to the hospital because of a headache or stomach flu, they can go to the drugstore and get antibiotics or OTC pills and thats it.

This is the televison. Shortened to TV. The creators of the Tv are Philo Farnsworth and Charles Francis Jenkins. Almost like the internet you see A LOT on the tv. You can see the new about impotant political issues or even pointless stuff like cartoons. The tv is the 20th century norm. This is the internt. The creators of the interent are Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn. Everyday single day every minute even second the Internet expands worldwide by the social, economic and political doings of people all around the globe. People use the internet for just about everything. They use it for directions, to pay bill, check flighst, almost everything you can think that a person should do phsycally, they can do on the internet.
1. Medicine - The advance of medicine is the most important to me. I think medicine is the most important out of these three because it can cure a deadly desease or sickness. One pill or injection can save a life. You can have a desease dying in bed and a very stong antibiotic you get injected in you can save you. I personally think that is very important.