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Dylan Funk Funk 1
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Do you think that television has a positive or negative effect on elections? Television has a negative effect on elections because the politicians lie, commercials can sometimes have wrong information, and people care for the appearance.
Politicians lie on television a lot. There are many reasons why they lie so much on TV. One reason they lie is, so they can get everyone to vote for them whether it is the president, vice president, senator, and so on. Another thing is that they will be given certain information, and they will change it around so they can get the most amount of people to vote for them. Another thing is that they just want the peoples votes so they can become in the person in charge.
Commercials can sometimes have wrong information. Many commercials have wrong information. The reason they do this is because they want people to buy their products. Walter Cronkite gave wrong information when he heard the president saying “it’s over.” After he heard this, he started to give the people wrong information. It was an act of rhetorical contortion for Walter Cronkite to lie about the other rivals. Another thing is that at night, they had a nightline show broadcasting the debates that politicians had, and they would make majority of the things they said up. They did this because no one was watching these debates and no one really cared for the debates going on.
People care for the